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In order to provide the necessary materials for a digital/virtual exhibition, we require Entry Submission Forms, signed-off by the class instructor for which the artwork was made, with digital images of each work entered. Necessary details for what to provide with your submission are listed below based on the 2D, 3D, 4D/5D nature of each item entered. These will need to be submitted no later than April 8, 2021. All graduating seniors, and Art students of all levels, are encouraged to participate with their best work from CPP Art Dept. classes. At this time, and until any further notice is provided, the below are the current Terms of Submission for this year’s 2D3D+.


Email notifications of works selected/not selected will be emailed out to all participating students on or around

April 30, 2020 to each student's email.

Eric Lee

you are special 特別的你, 2020

digital photography and print design

11 x 8”

Courtesy of the artist

Major: Visual Communication Design

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Decorative graphic next to submission rules list. You may disregard.SUBMISSION ENTRY LIMITS: No more than 3 entries per student.


ENTRIES WITH MULTIPLE PARTS count as 1 entry. For example, Graphic Design packaging designs, branding campaigns, poster series and gameboard designs with multiple parts each count as 1 submission. Fine Art diptychs, triptychs or polyptychs, ceramic or mixed media items that are a set, pair, or group of inter-related pieces, etc. are also acceptable and counted as 1 submission. BEWARE that if 1 OR MORE components of a series, packaging, or branding campaign is unacceptable to the jurors, the ENTIRE entry may be rejected.


ENTRIES MUST HAVE BEEN COMPLETED WITHIN THE LAST YEAR. Artwork must have been created in coursework of

Art Dept classes anytime from April 2020 through to the present. This is an annual show and is intended to reflect the art student work over the last year.


ENTRIES MUST BE PART OF ART DEPARTMENT CLASS COURSEWORK. The call for artwork is open to all Cal Poly Pomona Art Dept Majors and students who have completed the submitted artwork in Art classes through the Art Dept. The show is required to demonstrate the work done as part of Art Department classes. As a result, instructor signature verification will be required. No extra-curricular, outside-of-Art-Dept-coursework may be entered as part of this Art Dept show.


DIGITAL SUBMISSION ENTRY FORMATS: Acceptable media-forms/formats for successful virtual exhibition entry involves the following:




A well-taken, good-quality, lo-res thumbnail photograph of the artwork, the way it is intended to be viewed, frontally (not angled view). Insert image as required into the TOP RIGHT IMAGE BOX in Section 1 of your Submission Form for each entry form submitted;


A well-taken, good-quality, hi- to mid-level resolution photograph of the artwork, the way it is intended to be viewed frontally (not angled view).  Insert image as required into the into the LARGE BOX in Section 4, on page 2, of your Submission Form for each entry form submitted. Upon submission, if better quality is needed you will be notified by a member of the Art Gallery Staff.


3D ARTWORKS that require 2-3 alternate (front, back, or ¾) views may be combined into one image and inserted into the LARGE BOX in Section 4, on page 2, of your Submission Form.


The above requested single image of an artwork, or the 2-3 combined image for a 3D work, as placed on page 2 of the Submission Form, will be the image provided to the jurors for determination of whether the work will be exhibited or not. Please make sure to represent your work and yourself well.


ADDED SPECIFICS FOR 3D ARTWORK DIGITAL ENTRIES - In addition to the above listed in ‘2+’ (but not in place of) please provide the following additional images as attachments along with your entry:


Well-taken, good-quality, hi- to mid-level resolution photographs of all 4-, 5- or 6-sides of each 3D artwork entered, or the component parts of any artwork that has 3D elements. Make sure each image is taken with straight-on, frontal/elevation views, each side view straight-on, and top and bottom as straight-on, aerial views. Do not provide angled or fractionally facing views (no ¾ angle views) whenever possible. (Fractional views may be used as your main inserted into page 2 of your Submission Form.) These “straight-on” views will be used to construct your artwork entry virtually for the exhibition.


Whenever possible, provide digital 3D blueprint or scans of 3D work when made via a 3D printer or scanner.


Send these additional images as attachments in a compressed file.




All necessary packaged Ai, InDesign or PSD docs of your original work so we may re-construct it virtually.


Also, for BOOKS (whether hand-made, digital or combination): Provide a good-quality PDF including every page of

a book, organized in the correct order, so we may re-construct it virtually. Also incl. docs or images for front cover, back cover, and book spine, if applicable.


Send these additional images, or files, as attachments in a compressed file.




Video file submissions as a link listed on your entry form in Section 1, or include as an attachment, in MP4 format, with the maximum dimensions of 1920 x 1080px with good quality resolution (1080p recommended) along with your

entry form.


ARTWORK SUBMISSION ENTRY FORMS are available starting March 8, 2021 and due for return with required instructors’ signatures by April 8, 2021. An entry form is required for each submission (no more than 3 per student).


TO REQUEST DIGITAL ENTRY FORM(S) send an email to with the following:

           Your First and Last Name,

           Bronco ID,

           Best Phone Number to reach you (make sure VM is set-up and not full),

           Your Major, and

           the Number of Artwork Entry Forms being Requested (limit 3 per student).


Each submission form REQUIRES INSTRUCTOR’S CERTIFICATION that the item was created as a result of a class project in the Art Dept and will require identification of each of the following as verification: class project title, class name, semester taken, and instructor signature. Dept. Chair signature may be used in lieu of faculty member’s if not available to sign or on sabbatical.


Students are also required to PROPERLY COMPLETE EACH ENTRY FORM for each entry (limit 3 per student) and provide a DIGITAL IMAGE ENTRY of each submitted artwork within its corresponding entry form for easy identification of artworks to be signed-off by instructors, and easily identified by gallery staff, as per instructions on each entry form, and as indicated above in the Terms of Submission. Email each Entry Form separately and with its corresponding compressed files, docs, and/or additional images, to


PHYSICAL EXHIBITION READY TO HANG/DISPLAY REQUIREMENT: ALL selected submissions must be prepared for hanging, or mounted for display, upon re-call for a physical exhibition in Spring of 2022, for those who wish to participate

in the physical special exhibition expected for Spring 2022 —all 2020 through 2022  2D3D+ jury-selected participants

are welcome!


All artwork submitted for consideration must be artwork made in the coursework of CalPoly

Pomona's Art Dept. art classes, created anytime between April 2020 and the present day.

Artwork Submission Hanging & Display Rules & Guidelines

To request Entry Forms (limit 3 per student)

• First and Last Name • Bronco ID

• Best Phone Number • Major

• Number of Entry Forms Requested

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Some images used in the  graphics may be from a previous year's competition.


Copyright of all artwork used or reproduced is owned by each individual artist and cannot be copied or reproduced without each artist's individual permission.

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